Main Street Brokers

the premier real estate agency of the tri-lakes


We. Give. Back.

We Love to Host, Donate and Support Local Events and Non-profits. 

We Believe It's Our Duty!

Why use a local brokerage? 

Simply put:  Our expertise in the area is unparalleled.  

1.  We are right here, ready to work. 

When visitors walk into our office, they are looking for property in our area.  Our boutique-style storefront welcomes visitors and tourists alike.  We  serve as a hub for community information and we are friendly and very easy to access.  You can imagine why we get much more walk-in traffic than the corporate offices...that means more people are going to hear about and see your listing.

2.  Your Agent is stuck in traffic?  Not so much.  

We live right here too.  And, we can show your home in a moment's notice.  Even if you are out of town, rest assured we are in your area and doing wellness checks on your home. 

3.  Bigger is definitely not better.

We consistently sell more homes in our area than all other agencies in the County, including those with 200+ agents.   We are dedicated to giving personalized service and one of the aspects people like most about our office is that we are not canned, corporate sell-outs.  We are your neighbors...we sell community.


4. We know who is coming and who is going...

And, we hear of listings before they hit the market.  Our neighbors are our friends and often come to us months before listing.  We are involved and we are informed and our clients get the best deals!  Not to mention, our Sellers who get the highest prices because we know our market.


5.  Most agents only sell 1 home here...ever. 

The top 10% of agents sell 90% of the homes on the market.  Of the 4,000-5,000 Realtors in our region, only a handful of agents sell 2 or more homes each year.  Experience counts and should be a priority to both Buyers and Sellers.  Only about 300 agents sold homes in the Tri-lakes area last year...the majority of them only sold 1 home here...ever. 


6.  We Sell Community.

We are agents who can sell the attributes of the community.  We know our traditions, our benefits, our events, our government, our school district, our trails, our recreational opportunities.  No one can argue that another office knows our area quite like we do.   The result is a Buyer who is willing to pay a premium because they are "sold" on our community.  

7.  We support Local.

Of course we patronize all of our local businesses in support of them, pretty much on a daily basis...that's easy!  We want to see other businesses thrive so much that we run a local business Facebook page to promote all of the surrounding businesses in our town.  In addition, we are avid supporters of local events and non-profits from hosting National Night Out Movie Night to the famous .5K Donut will see us all over town.  When you hire Main Street Brokers, rest assured we will be pouring your business right back into our community!  We feel like we there is not a more significant responsibility and we love nothing more than to do good for those who show love and support to us!